While Beta Theta Pi has partnered with the college to launch a 4-for-1 match on donations to the school. A core group for Epsilon Brothers have agreed to match Epsilon Alumni Chapter Dues for the next 25 brothers who join!

That is an additional $6,250 donated to the chapter.

What does this do for Epsilon? It allows us to finally pay off the mortgage and guarantee
that our chapter costs are covered for the next 2 YEARS!!! Let's get this going.


The Epsilon Alumni Chapter was re-established in the Spring of 2017 in order to take ownership of the Epsilon Chapter Charter while the collegiate chapter is on hiatus. Our core purpose is to foster the bonds of our 135 year old brotherhood. Additionally we are dedicated to help the Epsilon Property Association secure the chapter home, and work with Bethany College and Sigma Nu General Fraternity to reinstate an active chapter on the campus over the next few years.

Being a Sigma Nu from the Epsilon Chapter is a lifelong commitment that is unique to those of us who walked Old Main’s corridor, but being a part of the Epsilon Alumni Chapter is a choice. We hope that you will support the chapter by becoming a member. Click the “Bid Form” link at the top of the page to join.

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